Presidential candidates, we applaud your pursuit of the highest office in the land.

If you are fortunate enough to achieve that goal, it is imperative that you are in touch with the American middle class.

Many of you have had great financial success. As a result, it may be difficult to empathize with the tight budgets of middle class families.

We hope we can help by putting middle class budgets into terms you can understand. We have calculated how much your basic needs would cost if your household budget was as tight as a middle class budget.

Keep in mind that these numbers represent what it would take just to get by. You would not be living a life of luxury.

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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders


Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson


Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Financial Infographic

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Financial Infographic

Republican Candidates

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Financial Infographic

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Financial Infographic

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Financial Infographic

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Financial Infographic

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